Wahl Deep Tissue Percussion Mass

Wahl Deep Tissue Percussion Mass



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Brand: Wahl Clipper

Color: Blue


  • Purchase Now ? Enjoy all the benefits this handheld variable percussive body massager has to offer; Enjoy the restorative power of deep tissue massage in your home & without the pricey spa appointments
  • Variable Intensity ? Features a variable speed dial for gentle to intense massage; reduces pain & fatigue from joints, sports injuries, arthritis, muscle knots, stress, & improves flexibility
  • 4 Unique Attachment Heads ? Flat disc for extra wide coverage, 4-finger flex to replicate fingers from a massage, acupoint head for pin-point relief of tension, & deep muscle ball to relax the body; attachments reduce pain & fatigue from joints, injury, muscle knots, & stress
  • User Friendly ? Sleek, long handle for all-over muscle comfort for the back, neck, shoulder, legs, hands, feet, full-body, cellulite, & more; professional quality & therapeutic massaging feel
  • Long 9 ft Power Cable ? Increased length gives you greater flexibility during usage; treat yourself to a post work out massage or after a stressful day at work

Package Dimensions: 104x445x272

Details: The Wahl Deep Tissue Percussion massager provides all-around and targeted muscle relief, even deep down, to speed healing or fitness recovery to support an active lifestyle. Percussion is the ultimate massage experience providing fast comfort by disrupting pain signals and increasing local blood circulation and block neurotransmitters and may help decrease inflammation and increase oxytocin levels; all of which allow muscles to relax, reducing feelings of tiredness and pain. Deep kneading therapeutic massage helps relax and relieve muscle tightness all over your body. It has a combination of superior power– up to 3, 350 pulses per minute and four interchangeable heads for customized pain relief. Variable intensity control allows you to dial in from a gentle relaxing massage to a deep invigorating massage and everything in between depending on your condition or need. Equipped with 4 customizable massage attachment heads to ensure relief. The innovative Four Finger Flex attachment has four finger-like nodes to replicate a masseuse’s hands. The acupoint attachment head pinpoints deep into the tissue to break up knots. The Deep Muscle rounded attachment head is smooth to create a gentle, relaxing massage for all body use. The Flat Disc attachment is extra wide to provides a larger surface area for widespread vibration to cover large areas. Product in packaging may not be exactly the same as photo due to continuous improvements to the product.

UPC: 043917429052